What To Expect After A Dental Filling In Jersey City-AV Dental Associates

What To Expect After A Dental Filling In Jersey City-AV Dental Associates

How To Care For Your Teeth After A Dental Filling

After the dental filling process is complete, your mouth will remain numb for a few hours as the anesthetic wears off gradually. While your mouth is numb, it is essential to be mindful of what you eat and drink. Avoid hot liquids so you don’t risk burning yourself, and chew with caution so you don’t accidentally bite your cheek, tongue, lips or other soft tissues of the mouth. It is particularly important to keep an eye children until the anesthetic has worn off, as many kids chew the inside of their cheeks, lips, and tongue because of the odd sensation of numbness.

Do not chew hard foods directly on new amalgam (silver) fillings for the first 24 hours. Composite (white) fillings harden right away and can be chewed on as soon as the anesthetic wears off. Regardless of which type of filling you’ve received, practicing your normal oral hygiene routine and gently brushing your teeth the day of the procedure is fine.

Tooth Sensitivity And Discomfort

Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures is a very common occurrence after having a tooth filled. Typically, sensitivity will subside within a few days to a few weeks. If sensitivity is severe, using toothpaste that eases the discomfort of sensitive teeth can help.

Pressure sensitivity may occur as well, but if it feels like any of your teeth are hitting first when you bite down, please call our office immediately. An uneven bite can cause further discomfort and should be adjusted as soon as possible. Adjusting the height of your filling is a simple procedure that will take only a few minutes.

Gum tissue around the teeth and injection site may also be sore for a few days and you may have some discomfort in your jaw from keeping your mouth open during the dental filling procedure. If you are still in pain after more than two weeks, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

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