Despite its unusual name, the all-on-4 technique can be described simply as restoring the entire upper or lower jaws with four implants. They are permanent teeth that look and feel natural which are installed by Arash Vahid and the other professional dental associates at AV Dental Associates in Jersey City.


•    Can restore your facial features
•    Prevent bone deterioration
•    Allow you to once again eat your favorite foods again
•    Help you bite with up to 70% more force
•    Let you feel the temperature of your food as well as the taste
•    Do not press down uncomfortably on your gums
•    Do not need to be taken out at night
•    Can be brushed like regular teeth.

Traditional implants use anywhere from six to eight implants. However, all-in-4s use just four implants per arch and are placed at an angle, allowing you to use your natural bone for support.

Your implants are crafted by hand to match your teeth perfectly and make your smile something you are proud to show off again. You will not need to leave the office without teeth during the manufacture of your all-on-4s. 

The all-in-4 technique is ideal for someone who may be currently wearing dentures or may need them. While your age is not important, you do need to be in good health to take advantage of this technique.

The results of all-on-4s generally make our clients very happy because they restore their smiles. In addition, they are able to clean their teeth normally and enjoy the freedom from dentures.


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