While it may surprise you that Dr. Vahid and the dental professionals at AV Dental Associates in Jersey City can administer BOTOX® injections, this practice is becoming more common at dentist offices across the country.

This extremely popular aesthetic treatment is the most commonly performed minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in North America.  However, in dental applications, it is used differently than in the more common aesthetic applications.

BOTOX® is a trade name for botulinum toxin which is delivered in the form of a purified protein. It is injected into the facial muscles where it attaches itself to the nerve endings of the motor muscles after a few hours. This affects the nerve transmission to muscles and takes effect anywhere from two to ten days to block the nerve transmitters which move the muscles where it was injected. Once the nerve endings are interrupted, the muscles are unable to contract. When the muscle does not contract, the motion that causes wrinkles in the skin cannot occur and your frown lines smooth.

It can also greatly diminish TMJ and bruxism symptoms when administered in roughly half the dose for facial wrinkle smoothing treatments. It works the same way, clinically. 

BOTOX® can help greatly with the intense muscle contractions associated with TMJ and bruxism (or grinding and clenching of the teeth). BOTOX® can play a very important role in reducing or eliminating this tenacious facial pain.

The injections often also eliminate headaches from teeth grinding, and, in cases of severe stress, BOTOX® can even reduce or eliminate lockjaw. Although BOTOX® treatment for these conditions is currently experimental, clinical evidence indicates that it can be extremely effective.

Injections are administered at the office in a quick, straightforward and painless non-surgical procedure. Most patients experience relief within one or two days but it may take a week to feel improvement in symptoms.

Now there is just one more reason to smile when you visit Dr. Vahid’s office.


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