Christian M.

Christian M.

As a healthcare professional I am very particular when it comes to choosing my doctors. So when I needed Clear Correct braces it took me several months to decide on a dentist.  After doing my due diligence, and with strong recommendations from a co-worker I finally decided to visit Dr. Arash.  I couldn’t be any happier with my experience at AV Dental. Dr. Arash was great from day one.  Dr. Arash was very professional and always took his time with you and was very thorough in explaining the procedure; what to expect, what may happen, etc.  As a result I always felt comfortable and in control, and never had to deal with any surprises with my dental procedures.

When I started I had about a 10-11 mm total space between my teeth, now I’m down to 5-6 mm (after 13 months).  I am 37 years old and did not expect my teeth to move as much as they have.  Thanks to Dr. Arash’s expertise and experience I am extremely happy with my progress.  I can only imagine how much better my teeth will look when I complete my treatments.
I never had any issues with scheduling or billing.  And there was always plenty of street parking.

~Christian M., Long Branch, NJ  (from


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