Dental Expert’s New Book Puts the Power of Information in Patients’ Hands

Dental Expert’s New Book Puts the Power of Information in Patients’ Hands

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Dental Expert’s New Book Puts the Power of Information in Patients’ Hands 

Dr. Arash Vahid simplifies everything from the latest technology to finding a dentist that provides an exceptional experience

Jersey City, New Jersey – July 17, 2015 – Proper dental care is essential for maintaining an attractive smile and staving off health-threatening infections. A new guide from renowned dentist Arash Vahid unlocks the secrets to transforming dentistry as most patients know it.

Arash Vahid, DDS, doesn’t believe in dentistry. He believes in exceptional dentistry. That’s why he created an easy-to-understand guide that not only explains how to obtain and preserve oral health, but also the wildly popular (and amazingly affordable) area of cosmetic dentistry.

Think there’s nothing new to learn about dentistry? Think again. Dr. Vahid shares surprising facts, new breakthroughs and vital information most dentists can’t—or won’t— reveal.

Some of the topics he covers:
•    How sedation dentistry can eliminate anxiety and even phobias
•    The link between gum disease and whole-body disease
•    Questions to ask a prospective dentist
•    New options for straightening your teeth
•    Getting the smile of your dreams through easy, painless makeovers

Though he’s passionate about each topic, Dr. Vahid believes it all begins with finding the right dentist. “Whether you have dental anxiety—which is very common, by the way—or are looking for a dentist who uses cutting-edge technology, identifying your perfect dental match is crucial to maintaining oral health,” he explains. “After all, if you like and trust your dentist, you’re less likely to skip appointments.”

Dr. Vahid, a prodigy who became one of the youngest practicing dentists ever, also includes a list of simple “do’s” and “don’ts” that can prevent cavities, disease and damage while maximizing the health and beauty of your smile. His goal is nothing less than fully informed, empowered patients who demand—and receive—the best dental care of their lives. And it all starts with Everything You Need to Know About Your Smile.

About Dr. Arash Vahid
Arash Vahid, DDS, developed a passion for dentistry from his parents. Raised in Iran by a pediatric dentist father and an orthodontist mother, he immigrated to the United States in time to finish his last year of high school. Dr. Vahid was accepted to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and completed his undergraduate work with honors in just three years. He graduated from dental school in 2003 and, following a year of residency, became one of the youngest practicing dentists ever at age 24. Over the years, Dr. Vahid has developed a unique ability to explain dental treatments to patients of any background, using an easy-to-understand approach that puts them at ease. His practice includes general dentistry as well as specialties like cosmetic dentistry and full-mouth restoration with implants or crowns.


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