Immediate Implants

Immediate Implants

When a dentist speaks of “immediate implants,” he or she is referring to “one stage” or “one piece” implants that were introduced in around 2003 and replace traditional implant surgery. Immediate dental implants are a hassle-free treatment to replace missing teeth quickly and avoid missing work or school or regular activities. The duration of treatment is very short as compared to the normal process, as is the time required for healing.

Immediate implants allow you to avoid two or multiple stage dental implants of the past, which may have involved flap surgery. This may have required suturing your gums and would have made a significant healing period necessary.  It also may have involved many trips to the dentist, which can cause hassle and anxiety.

With immediate implants you will:

•    Avoid invasive flap surgery
•    Undergo a painless procedure
•    Be fitted with implants made of high-tech titanium
•    Be fitted with bio-compatible implants
•    Receive one piece implants

In much less time than traditional implants once took, Dr. Vahid and his professional dental associates at the friendly Jersey City office can assist you in regaining your smile in a fraction of the time it would have taken in the past.

During the procedure, Dr. Vahid or an associate drills a small hole using a local anesthesia and light pain medication like Ibuprofen. A small titanium post much like a screw is then inserted and a temporary tooth is placed on the titanium post. The post is durable and allows you to leave the office with no gaps.

The time frame for a typical immediate dental implant varies from 30 minutes to an hour. Dr. Vahid or an associate will explain what to avoid and how to treat your implant until the permanent tooth can be affixed.  Usually, patients are asked to avoid foods like apples, carrots or anything hard as the post becomes fully attached to the jaw. Later, the patient returns to receive the permanent tooth. However, the benefit is that only the patient ever knows about the missing tooth because the tooth never appears to be missing as the replacement is repaired.

Immediate dental implants are one of the latest developments in the field of dentistry and just one of the services offered at AV Dental in Jersey City.


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