Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy


Approved by the USDA in 2004, laser assisted periodontal therapy or LAPT is a very safe and effective way to treat periodontal disease. Using a precision laser, Dr. Vahid and the dental professionals at the Jersey City office can treat gum disease without using traditional scalpel cutting techniques. No tissue is removed while 99% of the bacteria causing the disease in the periodontal pockets is removed. This non-surgical technique is considered non-invasive.

Traditional methods of repairing gum disease usually involve suturing while laser assisted periodontal therapy corrects gum disease quickly. In addition, the procedure is virtually pain free. Faster recovery is another benefit of laser assisted periodontal therapy.

Your medical history is first discussed, to rule out any conditions that would affect your ability to heal from the therapy. Then a thorough exam is performed to assess what level of treatment you might require.

On the day of your appointment for laser assisted periodontal therapy, a very small laser is inserted in the place the infection is harbored between gums and teeth and the bacterial infection is removed.

The laser destroys bacteria that encourage gum disease while activating the healing process of the soft tissue. Laser therapy can also help increase blood circulation at the bottom of diseased pockets while assisting in regeneration of gum attachment. A series of treatments may be prescribed. With this approach, the majority of patients with even deep pockets from 6 to 9 mm can benefit.

The diode laser used in LAPT cuts and coagulates at the same time, facilitating faster postoperative healing time and fewer post-operative complications, and infection.

You can probably go about your normal routine the very next day after treatment.





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