Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

The words “oral surgery” can be intimidating if you’re unclear on what your procedure will entail. At AV Dental Associates, we take the time to explain your procedure every step of the way and make sure you know what to expect. From diagnosis to surgery plan, we take the time to make your care optimal.

To properly treat any problems involving the teeth or your jaw, X-rays are usually necessary. Before surgery, the dentists at AV Dental Associates will examine your X-rays to proceed with the most minimally invasive procedure possible.

Any risks will be discussed with you prior to surgery and you will be in the best of hands before, during and after the procedure. You should plan for a family member or friend to drive you home after your surgery so you can rest and heal after your oral surgery.

Oral surgery can include a simple tooth extraction or involve more complex procedures. Teeth are only removed in cases where disease is discovered, a tooth is injured, or if overcrowding in the mouth necessitates it.

Wisdom teeth extraction also falls under the heading of oral surgery, another service offered at our Jersey City offices. By the time they reach about eighteen, young adults have 32 teeth. The Third Molars, also known as “wisdom teeth” often need to be removed. This often requires general anesthesia. AV Dental Associates are highly trained and confident in providing safe office general anesthesia for wisdom tooth extraction and all other oral surgeries.

During the procedure, the goal is to complete the surgery as efficiently as possible and to eliminate the problem. The patient’s comfort is considered every step of the way and monitored constantly.

After teeth are removed, the gums are sutured and sterilized. After the procedure, you can expect to rest in the office under professional supervision until you are ready to be taken home by your ride. Often post-operative antibiotics are prescribed as a precaution to avoid infection or complications.

Should you have any questions about your oral surgery, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at our Jersey City office.


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