READ MORE: Clear Correct

READ MORE: Clear Correct


Many adults want to have straight teeth without the hassle of wearing bulky metal braces sticking out of their mouths. A good solution for this is Clear Correct. Invented six or seven years ago, manufacturers introduced Clear Correct to straighten teeth using clear plastic liner trays that are a lot similar to bleaching trays.

Wear Clear Correct 24/7

You should wear Clear Correct braces 24/7. What is good about them is you can remove them whenever you eat, brush, and floss. As the name implies, these dental fixtures are completely clear and about half a millimeter thick. They are virtually invisible and they snugly fit the contours of your teeth—you can easily forget they are there.

Another advantage of Clear Correct is you will not feel the discomfort caused by brackets and wires. Gone are metal protrusions that poke at your cheeks and tongue. Also, you can still undergo teeth whitening treatments while wearing these aligners.

Invisalign vs. Clear Correct

Clear Correct braces are different from Invisalign; mostly in the manner manufacturers create them. With Invisalign aligners, manufacturers use a computer and mills the trays. Normally that puts small grooves in the trays. This tends to make them more visible.

Clear Correct, however, are vacuum-formed. This makes them clearer and less visible. The results of both dental fixtures are the same— aligned teeth. The treatment follows the same timetable as that of regular braces. When you are done using Clear Correct, you can have a retainer made that is also clear.

Although many adults choose to have Clear Correct braces because they are invisible and can whiten their teeth at the same time, they are also good for anyone ages 12 and up. Make the clear choice for your smile with Clear Correct from AV Dental Associates. Call us today for a consultation to see if this option is right for you.


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