READ MORE: Zoom Whitening

READ MORE: Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is a breakthrough in teeth whitening treatments. The process is becoming popular today due to its convenient and fast results. Drinking, smoking, and genetics cause stains and discoloration to the teeth. The treatment helps you eliminate these strains and give you a whiter set of teeth.

Before going through Zoom Whitening treatment, you may undergo a comprehensive teeth check-up. While Zoom Whitening ensures a whiter smile, the treatment may not be suitable for all cases. The examination helps us determine if you are fit to undergo the treatment. We may ask for details about your daily habits and dental hygiene. Once we make sure you are safe and ready, we will begin the one-hour in-office process.

Zoom Whitening utilizes hydrogen peroxide whitening gel and Zoom light. This combination is proven effective to whiten and eliminate teeth stains and discoloration. The whitening process is simple and takes only three fifteen-minute treatments. In about an hour, you can have pearly white teeth and go home satisfied with the results.

We will provide maintenance kits you can use at home after the procedure. There are food and beverages to trim down. We may also request you to reduce habits such as drinking and smoking to ensure the long-term effect of Zoom Whitening. Your dedication is important to lead a healthy lifestyle for your teeth and over-all health. We will encourage you to use dental products and employ effective dental hygiene practices.

Contact us to learn more about Zoom Whitening treatment. We will gladly accommodate appointments and any concerns to guide you in the process and help you achieve a whiter set of teeth!


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