Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and Root Planing

Everyone gets plaque but some develop it more robustly than others and can benefit from scaling and root planing. Regular brushing and flossing help keep plaque and calculus in check but can’t always guarantee your mouth will be disease free. Sometimes patients need more attention than regular brushing and flossing can provide.

Also known as conventional periodontal therapy, scaling and root planning is also referred to as deep cleaning. This process eliminates dental plaque and calculus, which can cause inflammation and lead to tooth decay. These procedures can treat gum disease before it comes so severe that you risk tooth loss.

By doing deep this deep cleaning, Dr. Vahid and his professional associates at the Jersey City office can help you make sure you avoid more serious and costly dental procedures. This can be done when gums show signs of disease such as gums have started to pull away from the teeth. It is also a solution to hard mineral deposits or tartar that are otherwise more difficult to remove.

You may be asked, based on your medical background, to take a course of oral antibiotics before the treatment to ensure that any bacteria that enters the bloodstream is neutralized and does not cause harm. When you come for the treatment you can expect local anesthesia, which will numb your gums and lips. The dentist will use tools to remove hardened plaque or calculus from around and between each tooth.

After the procedure, you must brush and floss regularly to prevent the same problems from resurfacing.


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