All About Dental Veneers

All About Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers in Jersey City, NJ

Veneers, one form of cosmetic dentistry, is an easy way to improve your smile dramatically, leaving no reason to be self conscious about your smile. Many technologies exist to improve your appearance. Cosmetic dentistry simply refers to any procedure that makes your smile even more beautiful.

In order to understand why they’re so useful, first we need to understand what dental veneers are. Veneers are thin porcelain plates that are cemented on the outside of mostly the front teeth to make them look white, straight and beautiful. They require minimal shaping of your teeth as opposed to crowns which require much more drastic shaping of your teeth.

There’s also the option of resin composite materials. However, those aren’t the same quality as porcelain ones. Generally, porcelain veneers will resist stains much better. They will also mimic the natural teeth’s reflecting properties much better. For your specific situation, you’ll want to discuss the best choice of material with your dentist.

Why would you want Dental Veneers?

If your teeth are stained, uneven, crooked, uneven, misshapen, too wide or too narrow or otherwise unsightly, you can greatly benefit from veneers. If they are chipped or worn from grinding or bonded with old, discolored filling material they can also help. Veneers are what Hollywood stars who began life with less than perfect teeth often turn to for adding extra oomph to their appearance.

Fortunately, however, nowadays veneers aren’t just limited to the rich and the famous. They’re a somewhat regular procedure that can help just about anyone. Regardless of what kind of issue it is you’re trying to fix with veneers, chances are it will be successful, and you’ll get that shiny smile you’ve always wanted.
The alternative to porcelain veneers would be bonding. However, not everyone is the ideal candidate for bonding, and it might not work for you. Another advantage of veneers is that have a longer life expectancy and color stability than bonding. They last about 15 years and are highly resistant to permanent staining from coffee, tea and even cigarette smoking. If you want a permanent solution, veneers are your go-to solution.

Three advantages of veneers you’ll want to know

The first, and the most apparent advantage is looks. Regardless of whether your teeth are discolored because of root canal treatment, tetracycline stains, excessive fluoride, or large resin fillings that have lead to that discoloration, as we said above, veneers can help you solve that issue. Veneers will get you the teeth shine back, and your teeth will look fresh and white. This is something that just about everyone wants, and it is the most apparent advantage of veneers.

Next, we have the fact that veneers let you properly repair teeth that are chipped or broken. Sure, you might be thinking that you can just get your teeth fixed and that would solve the issue. However, if you’re missing a piece of your tooth, that can’t be just replaced that easily. It is difficult, and every dentist that knows what they’re doing will recommend that you get veneers instead. And we couldn’t blame them, veneers can make your chipped teeth look like new, with no pieces missing.

Last but not least, if your teeth are misaligned, irregularly shaped, or have gaps between them, veneers can solve that. This doesn’t have to originate from you doing something wrong, oftentimes it’s genetics that causes this issue. However, if you’d rather get rid of it, and have straight teeth, veneers can be your solution. They can be used to hide the fact that your teeth are misaligned, or close the gap between teeth that have space between them.

As we said above, dental veneers have quite a few advantages. From taking care of looks, to chipped teeth and filling in the gaps between teeth, they’re the solution for a lot of potential issues. Once a thing limited to the rich and famous, you can get them now at your preferred dentist.

Opting for porcelain veneers can be a truly life-changing experience. However, it is important to remember that not everyone is an ideal veneer candidate. Dr. Arash Vahid and the professionals at AV Dental Associates in Jersey City can help you decide what will be the best option for your smile.


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