What is Endodontics?

What is Endodontics?

What is Endodontics?

About Root Canals
Endodontics refers to the practice of what is more commonly called “root canals.” Staff members at AV Dental are well versed in delicate root canal therapies. In addition, our Jersey City team is adept at making what can be an anxiety-prone situation easy and pain-free.

When you are referred to an endodontist, it is likely you have a specific dental issue that needs extra attention. Endondontists are much more experienced in performing root canals and make use of the latest and most advanced techniques to make the process a minor inconvenience.

A patient with pulp damage will often come to AV Dental Associates with extreme sensitivity to hold and cold as well as a toothache. Because allowing a tooth with damaged pulp to remain unchecked can ultimately lead to losing the tooth entirely, our experienced Jersey City, New Jersey staff will work to insure you can obtain a timely appointment to fix the issue.

What to Expect
At the visit for the root canal, you will likely first receive local anesthetic to help make the procedure as pleasant as possible and prevent pain. The tooth receiving the root canal will be thoroughly dried and prepped for the procedure using special tools. In general, a root canal procedure takes just one visit. However, if your case is especially complicated, multiple visits may be necessary.

In general, root canals can allow AV Dental Associates to salvage a damaged tooth that might otherwise need to be removed. However, a tooth that receives a root canal is general weaker than a normal tooth thereafter. So after receiving a root canal, AV Dental Associates will likely schedule you for a checkup approximately six months later.

Once the root canal has been completed, you should no longer experience pain or sensitivity in the area.



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