Bleaching and Whitening Teeth

Bleaching and Whitening Teeth

When Americans are polled regarding what they would you like to improve most about their smile, the most common response is to achieve whiter and brighter teeth.

Sometimes an otherwise beautiful smile can be diminished because of stained or otherwise yellowed teeth. There is no need to live with less than gorgeous teeth with today’s dental technology. By using the latest whitening and bleaching techniques, Dr. Vahid can dramatically whiten your teeth or simply remove years of aging.

Many factors contribute to the staining and yellowing of teeth. The primary culprit is the extremely harmful habit of cigarette smoking, which damages other organs invisibly but shows obvious detriment in yellowed or brown teeth. If you drink a lot of red wine or espresso you can be affected, as well.

In addition, some individuals are more prone to tooth yellowing and staining, primarily due to genetics.

Dr. Vahid will measure you original shade and use that as a starting point. He will then ask you what your tooth whitening goals are by showing you a color chart. Next you will discuss with him what is achievable given the characteristics of your teeth and create a whitening plan.

The whitening can be achieved with over the counter products that are commercially available.

More lasting professional results include in-office teeth whitening where stronger bleaches than what is available over the counter are applied. This method can allow your teeth to brighten up to ten shades in one hour. Other whitening techniques involve exposing your teeth to specialized spectrums of light.

You may be asked to abstain from common foods for a certain time period after whitening. Things to avoid may include: tobacco products, lipstick, coffee, tea, espresso, red wine, soft drinks, ketchup, berries, red sauces and soy sauce. You may experience tooth sensitivity.

Dr. Arash Vahid and the dental professionals at AV Dental Associates in Jersey City New Jersey are excellent at creating a dazzling smile for patients using the latest whitening techniques.


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