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Root Canals in Jersey City NJ

If you Googled for Root Canals in Jersey City or Root Canals Near Me, AV Dental is here to help. A severely damaged or infected tooth may need a root canal to resolve the issue. The team at AV Dental can assist patients with this procedure and help restore full functionality to the tooth, allowing the patient to have normal chewing and sensation in the tooth.

What Is a Root Canal and Why Might You Need One?

A root canal procedure involves removing the damaged or decayed areas of a tooth. Removal includes cleaning out the damaged soft tissue known as the pulp and then disinfecting the area to eliminate any infection. After full removal and disinfection, the dentists fills the space and seals it to protect from further infection. Patients may need a root canal if a deep cavity has grown in the tooth. This procedure might also be necessary if a tooth has sustained a severe trauma or repeated treatments.

Root Canal Procedure

Most root canal treatments require several appointments. The first appointment involves an X-ray to diagnose the issue and pinpoint the precise area of decay inside the tooth. The next appointment involves the main portion of the treatment. The dentist administers a local anesthetic to numb the affected tooth. Once numb, the dentist performs a pulpectomy, which involves making an opening and removing the diseased part of the tooth. Next, the dentist fills the space and seals it off temporarily with special cement. A final appointment involves inserting a permanent filling or a crown. The crown fits directly over the top of the tooth, and the dentist cements it into place permanently.

Common Questions and Concerns About Root Canals

Patients often have specific questions and concerns about this treatment.

  • Are there other options? A full tooth extraction is an option, but most dentists agree that saving a tooth is better than extracting it.
  • Are root canals painful? A common misconception exists about the pain level of this procedure. In reality, a root canal is no more painful than a filling procedure.
  • What is recovery like? Patients often experience sensitivity and mild pain for a few days. Over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatories will minimize discomfort. People should avoid chewing on the area until after the crown is installed.
  • How soon is the crown inserted? Most patients are ready for the crown within several days.

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