Mini implants

Mini implants

Dental small-diameter implants are also referred to as mini implants. They are ideal for patients who may not be able to receive root-form implants due to medical, anatomical or fiscal reasons.

Mini implants can anchor loose dentures back into position or replace individual or many missing teeth. They can even be used to replace a full arch of teeth – sometimes in just one visit. This relatively new technique can significantly improve patients’ lives because they can be placed and used immediately. Gum tissue and sutures are not necessary.

Essentially, mini implants are very small screws, which are anchored into the bone of your jaw. Replacement teeth are then threaded onto them and affixed permanently.

The benefits of mini implants include a minimally invasive surgery, immediate loading and lower cost. Mini implants can accommodate new or existing dentures, giving patients new levels of comfort and confidence.

•    Mini implants can help to preserve or restore bone and facial appearance.

•    Mini implants can renew your confidence in eating smiling, and speaking with confidence.

•    Mini implants are placed using a less invasive approach than more traditional solutions.

•    Mini implants often cost less than half the cost of old, conventional-style implants.

•    Mini implants allow you to gain immediate denture-like stability without experiencing costly, full-size dental implant methods.

•    Mini implants can be made to anchor dentures, crowns and bridges.

After placement, the tooth or teeth is treated just like a regular tooth. Cleaning and flossing is normal and patients feel relief from missing teeth almost immediately.

Dr. Vahid and the professional dental associates in Jersey City are experts with mini implants and have fitted many patients with them.


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