Night Guards

Night Guards

A very common reason teeth become stressed or damaged is a direct result of something you might not even be aware of. At night, many people grind or clench their teeth to the point that it jeopardizes their dental health and their smiles.

Bruxism is defined as forceful clenching of grinding of teeth. Patients who suffer from bruxism often wake with tooth or gum pain and no memory of having any problem during the night. Others experience jaw muscle pain and tension. Headaches and symptoms mimicking lockjaw are also common.

Allowed to continue, grinding and clenching can cause patients to experience pain temperature sensitivity. Pain occurs when tooth wear gets down to the nerve, tooth cracks, receding gums and even lost teeth. To alleviate these symptoms, patients will need crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, extractions or even root canals. Grinding can also cause migraine headaches and pain in the shoulders, neck, back and even the ears.

Dr. Arash Vahid and the dental professionals at the Jersey City office can determine if your body is being damaged as a result of nighttime stress.

Custom fitted night guards (or nocturnal bite splints) are made by first taking an impression of your teeth and then creating a small, comfortable dental appliance to be worn while you sleep to prevent damage.

These simple, small appliances can make a big difference in how you feel on a day-to-day basis and can also prevent more costly medical treatments. Most importantly, they can stop current damage to you teeth and prevent future detrimental wear and tear.

While you can buy night guards at the drug store, not all are created equal. To genuinely protect your teeth, gums and overall health, it is wise to invest in a custom fitted, professional night appliance.

Many patients are extremely grateful that they made the choice to have Dr. Vahid and his staff create a custom night guard. Many of the complaints they have initially disappear entirely after just a short period of wear. Relief often comes from a simple solution: the night guard.


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