Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

Dr. Vahid and the team of dental professionals in Jersey City may decide you need dentures if you are missing many of your own natural teeth or they are so compromised that they nee to be removed.

If you have been advised you need dentures, you are not alone. Surprisingly, a 2009 Fixodent Beauty & Aging Survey discovered that about 20 million women age 40 and over wear full or partial dentures. That is 19% of the women polled. The number of adults who need dentures is expected to reach 37.9 million in 2020. 

Dentures can improve quality of life for many of our patients who no longer have the option of natural teeth. If you are missing some or most of your teeth, a partial or full denture can allow you to more easily chew again and to restore your smile.

Rest assured that Dr. Vahid and his skilled staff will make sure you get the best custom care available anywhere to restore your smile and make sure you are comfortable from start to finish.

Candidates for partial dentures include people who are missing just a few teeth due to oral disease, trauma or malnutrition. The denture will be designed to fit your remaining natural teeth and will look seamless to an outsider. In other words, it will appear that you have all of your natural teeth and no one will be the wiser.

A full set of top or bottom dentures may be necessary if you are missing the majority of your teeth or if you have been informed they must be removed. Full dentures may be needed due to periodontal disease, bone loss or tooth decay.

Complete dentures are built especially for you which allows you to once again eat, speak and chew easily. Full dentures can also restore facial features that may suffer with tooth loss.

The denture process takes approximately one month and five appointments, depending on each individual’s needs. 

An impression of your teeth, mouth and jaw is first made to determine vertical dimensions and proper jaw position. Dr. Vahid will fit you with a “try-in,” a denture temporarily placed to assure proper color, shape and fit.

Your custom dentures fit is of paramount importance and we will work with you to ensure comfort and functionality.


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