Sherein B

Sherein B

I been to a lot of dental professionals (a lot, at least 20) but Dr. V by far exceeds them all. He is the best dentist I ever encountered. He is extremely knowledgeable,  gentle, attentive, a perfectionist, patience, and very honest. Dr. V really educates you  on your dental care and treatment plan. He explains everything as he goes along with your treatment and is willing to provide you with as little or as much information as you wish to hear. His level of professionalism and quality of work is the best, more than anyone may ask for. The most important part is you are get excellent care and work done. Dr. V truly cares about what is best for his patients.
The office is extremely clean and has new, up to date medical equipment. The place feels relaxing, calm, and safe. Now how many dental offices can you say that about. I search high and low for a dentist in Jersey City, it was a struggle. Now I am at peace.
I recommend Dr. V to  all my friends, and family. Not one person has seen him and didn’t rave about his level of excellence. That staff is very helpful, sweet, and they too rave about Dr. V as well. A good doctor should have happy, humble employees. He is so good to his staff and patients.  Part of me wants to keep him to myself but that isn’t fair so here you have it….. Dr. V is THE BEST DENTIST IN NJ hands down.

~Sherein B., Jersey City, NJ  (from


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