Cosmetic Dentistry for a new you

August 1, 2022

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AV Dental Associates of Jersey City have the experience to help you get your confidence back. It’s easy to regain your confidence with cosmetic dentistry.

If your teeth and gums are something you would rather hide than show off it’s time to call and schedule a no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Cosmetic Dentistry for a Customized Smile

With a cosmetic dentistry consultation in Jersey City you can find out what types of procedures would be best for your smile. For some the solution could be dental implants, while for others it could be porcelain veneers.

Whatever you have envisioned your smile to look like Dr. Arash Vahid can make it happen.

Virtual Smile Consultation

If you are just too busy or would rather not visit a dentist’s office in Jersey City if you don’t have to, schedule a virtual smile consultation.

A virtual smile consultation is fast and simple. Best of all you can do your virtual smile consultation from anywhere, even on the bus on your way to work.

To start the process just take a close up of your smile making sure to get a good shot of your teeth and gums and any problem areas that you would like to address.

When you are satisfied with your selfie, email it with a few comments about what you would like to change.

Once Dr. Vahid receives your virtual smile consultation information he will come up with restorative and cosmetic dentistry recommendations that suit your smile and your budget. You can have those recommendations virtually or in person.

No Pushy Dentistry in Jersey City

Unfortunately not all dentists are in your corner when it comes to certain types of dental procedures.

With this cosmetic dentist in Jersey City you will never have to worry about being pushed. Being pushed into a procedure that you don’t want to go through with.

Whatever the reason it is always your choice when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Jersey City.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry teeth and gums must be healthy. If they are not you could be setting yourself up for restoration failure.

Cosmetic Dentistry Works

For the best in dental care in Jersey City no one does it like Dr. Vahid and his team. Call and find out how you and your family can become patients of this awesome dental practice in Jersey City.

You will be glad you did. Send a direct message and set up an appointment with AV Dental Associates of Jersey City today.

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