Tooth Extractions – Jersey City, NJ

Tooth Removal Can Be Simple & Comfortable

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Dental extractions became necessary when a tooth is badly decayed and/or has suffered enough trauma that the patient would be better off health-wise to have a tooth removed entirely. Our dentistry team only performs this procedure when there is no chance of restoring the tooth, and we go above and beyond to offer simple and stress-free tooth extractions for Jersey City dental patients provided by our trusted emergency dentist.

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Reasons Why Tooth Extractions Are Necessary

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Here are some reasons why teeth may need to be extracted:

  • Overcrowded mouth – Sometimes, pulling one or more teeth is necessary to properly treat other crooked and/or overcrowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment involves aligning teeth properly, which might not be possible if you have too many teeth or if your teeth are too large for the shape of your mouth. Some teeth are also removed because they aren’t able to properly erupt through the gumline due to a lack of viable space.
  • Serious infection – If dental decay grows so serious that it reaches the pulp (which is located at the center of the tooth and contains its nerves/blood vessels), infection-causing bacteria can grow. While this issue can usually be corrected by root canal therapy, severe infections may only be treatable through extraction to prevent harm to nearby teeth.
  • High risk of infection – If a patient’s immune system has become seriously compromised by health problems, we may recommend the extraction of a tooth in order to prevent even the risk of infection.
  • Advanced periodontal (gum) disease – When gum disease becomes advanced enough, it may cause the teeth to loosen, which will lead to the need for an extraction.

The Process of Removing a Tooth

Tooth extraction in Jersey City

The removal of a tooth often means a patient will need a simple or surgical procedure. After administering local anesthesia to numb the area and eliminate the potential for any pain, our team will begin the process of removing the tooth. If it has partially erupted and only a visible portion is above the gumline, we will use specialized dental instruments to gently move the tooth back and forth until it detaches and is safely removed.

If the tooth is impacted, however, we will need to make a small incision in the gums before carefully removing the tooth in sections. This will allow for a more seamless and successful extraction, avoiding healthy tooth structures nearby.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

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Before removing any teeth, a dentist in Jersey City will provide a local anesthetic to ensure the patient’s comfort, especially if we will be removing multiple teeth. Stitches may be necessary after the tooth/teeth have been successfully extracted. In most cases, the recovery period from an extracted tooth lasts just a few days.

We recommend the following:

  • Take painkillers as prescribed to manage possible discomfort.
  • Rinse your mouth gently with warm salt water several times a day to reduce swelling. Mixing 1 tsp of salt in a medium-sized glass with 8 oz. of warm water can help.
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco products.
  • Avoid using a straw to sip beverages, and do not rinse vigorously, as you can dislodge a blood clot and cause a dry socket.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene while being mindful of surgical areas.