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Straighten Your Smile Discretely

Smiling woman holding Clearcorrect clear aligner tray

It’s hard to maintain a professional appearance when you’re wearing metal braces. But what other options do you have for straightening your smile? Here at AV Dental Associates of Jersey City, we’re happy to offer ClearCorrect as an alternative to traditional orthodontics. You can fix your crowded or crooked teeth with comfortable, clear aligners that are much more image friendly than brackets and wires! Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Arash Vahid to discuss options for aligning your smile with ClearCorrect clear aligners in Jersey City, NJ.

Why Choose AV Dental Associates of Jersey City for ClearCorrect Clear Aligners?

  • Custom-Made, Convenient Clear Aligners
  • Extremely Knowledgeable Dentist
  • Fun, Relaxed Dental Environment

How ClearCorrect Works

A woman placing a transparent aligner tray on her teeth

ClearCorrect is an orthodontic treatment that shifts crooked teeth into alignment. More specifically, it uses a series of custom-made trays to apply micromovements to your smile. The aligners’ constant pressure then results in a nice and straight grin, all without the hassle of traditional braces’ brackets and wires.

Still, ClearCorrect only works when you follow its rules. Each tray set, for example, needs to be worn for 7-14 days before moving on to the next one. Similarly, you must keep the aligners on your teeth for 22 hours daily. A shorter duration will delay or even reverse treatment progress. With that said, obeying these guidelines will lead to a newly-straightened smile in just 12-18 months!

Indications for ClearCorrect

A close-up of a young girl’s crooked smile

ClearCorrect is ideal for patients with mild to moderate dental misalignment. As such, it works especially well for the issues below:

Crowded Teeth

Not only do overcrowded teeth feel unpleasant, but they also don’t look good. Worse yet, they’re less effective at chewing food and put your oral health at risk.

Thankfully, ClearCorrect can address them. Its special aligner trays will move your teeth apart so they don’t bunch up, making them straight in no time.

Gaps Between Teeth

Gapped teeth worsen your smile’s appearance and serve as plaque traps that damage your oral health.

ClearCorrect, though, can solve them. Its trays would move your teeth so the gaps between them are filled.

Bite Alignment

No matter the kind, bite issues harm your smile’s looks and function. Still, ClearCorrect can fix them. In fact, it can treat overbites, underbites, crossbites, and more.

The Benefits of ClearCorrect

Woman holding up a clear correct aligner tray

ClearCorrect has many benefits for patients who get it. Some of these include:

  • Discretion – Clear plastic aligners will be virtually undetectable when worn; many may not even realize you have them.
  • Removability – You can take ClearCorrect aligners off to eat whatever you want and brush your teeth normally.
  • Convenience – ClearCorrect doesn’t require as many appointments as braces do. You just need to come in every four to six weeks so that we can check your progress.
  • Improved Hygiene – Because the aligners don’t get in the way of brushing and flossing, keeping your smile clean during your treatment is much easier.

Understanding the Cost of ClearCorrect

A man calculating the cost of dental crowns with a calculator, coins, and a tooth model

ClearCorrect is naturally a very attractive option for patients looking to achieve straighter smiles. But will it fit into your budget? Since ClearCorrect is a highly customizable treatment, not all patients will pay the exact same amount. The only way to know what the final price will look like is to visit our team so that we can take a look at your smile. You can count on us to put together a trustworthy estimate, and we’ll make sure that you fully understand your payment options.

Factors That Affect the Cost of ClearCorrect

A man calculating the cost of dental crowns with a calculator, coins, and a tooth model

There are several variables that can influence the cost of a ClearCorrect treatment. Here are some of the questions that our team needs to answer to create an estimate for you:

  • Will you need aligners for both arches or just one? Obviously, a single arch treatment involves fewer aligners and thus carries a lower price tag.
  • How complex is your misalignment issue? The more severe the problem is, the more aligners you will likely need to pay for.
  • How long is the treatment expected to take? Lengthier ClearCorrect treatments tend to be more costly.

It’s also worth noting that patient compliance can ultimately affect the overall cost as well. If an aligner is broken or lost, you will need to make room in your budget for a replacement.

ClearCorrect vs. Mail-In Aligners: Which Costs More?

A man calculating the cost of dental crowns with a calculator, coins, and a tooth model

On the surface, mail-in aligners usually cost less, and they may seem more convenient. However, they also lack direct oversight from a dental professional; consequently, if something goes wrong, the problem may not be caught until serious damage has already been done to your smile. With ClearCorrect, you can trust your dentist to take the necessary steps to make sure your treatment stays on track.

Does Dental Insurance Cover ClearCorrect?

A man calculating the cost of dental crowns with a calculator, coins, and a tooth model

Depending on what plan you have, you may be able to use your dental insurance plan’s orthodontic coverage to pay for clear aligners. Every plan is different, so you should review your benefits to make sure that you fully understand what they entail. You can get in touch with your insurance company if you have any questions about your plan. Additionally, one of our team members can go over your benefits with you to make sure that you fully understand them.

Options for Making ClearCorrect Affordable

A man calculating the cost of dental crowns with a calculator, coins, and a tooth model

At our office, there are multiple ways to make paying for ClearCorrect easier. Naturally, we accept a wide range of dental insurance plans. Additionally, if you make an advanced payment prior to a scheduled treatment, we will give you a 5% discount.

You can also apply for CareCredit financing. This gives you the option of paying in monthly installments that are significantly easier to manage. Many of these plans come with low or even no interest.

If you would like more information about your payment options for ClearCorrect, we’ll be more than happy to discuss them with you at your initial consultation.

ClearCorrect FAQs

What’s the difference between ClearCorrect and Invisalign aligners?

ClearCorrect and Invisalign are two of the top brands that manufacture clear orthodontic aligners designed to discreetly fix minor to moderate bite misalignment, crowding, and gaps between teeth. There are a couple of differences between the two types of aligners, though:

  • ClearCorrect aligners are made from a special FDA-approved, BPA-free polyurethane resin plastic that’s known to retain its shape for longer than Invisalign aligners. This has been proven by studies to result in faster average treatment times.
  • The plastic used to create ClearCorrect aligners is slightly thinner than Invisalign, meaning they’re slightly less noticeable when worn.
  • ClearCorrect aligners are created to also cover the gums as well as the teeth, which may cause a little more discomfort than Invisalign trays, which are designed to only cover the teeth.

It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of these minor differences, but our team is happy to discuss them with you in greater detail at your consultation!

Are clear aligners uncomfortable to wear?

Clear aligners typically aren’t painful to wear, but some patients often feel slight discomfort whenever they switch over to a new set of trays in their treatment. This is because they’re typically slightly tighter on the teeth, allowing them to continue shifting them. We recommend changing your trays at night so you’re able to sleep through much of the discomfort, or if it’s especially bothersome, you can take an over-the-counter pain medication.

Are clear aligners cheaper than braces?

No two orthodontic cases are the same, which makes it impossible to compare the cost of clear aligners to braces. However, many patients with less severe alignment concerns typically opt for clear aligners, as they’re able to help them achieve their desired results. Those with more serious orthodontic issues may find that braces are the less costly, more effective option for their individual case. Today, the cost of aligners and braces is very similar, so it’s best to consult with your dentist in Jersey City to get a detailed estimate of your treatment.

Can you get ClearCorrect after braces?

Yes! In fact, we regularly have patients who originally had braces but didn’t wear their retainer long enough, resulting in their teeth shifting back into misalignment. ClearCorrect allows them to work towards their smile goals without having to endure another one to two years of metal brackets and wires.