When Teeth Rub the Wrong Way: How to Get Rid of Denture Sores

May 9, 2024

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An older man suffering from denture sores

Dentures really do work well as replacement teeth. Still, they may irritate your mouth’s gums at times. This irritation can lead to painful sores that affect your daily life. However, these aching areas don’t have to hold you back. There are various options for relieving and reversing them. Your Jersey City dentist will even share them with you. To that end, here’s a primer on how to get rid of denture sores and when to consider dental care for them.

Just What are Denture Sores?

All in all, denture sores are parts of your gums irritated by dentures. They tend to be swollen, irritated, and painful to the touch. Patients most often get them while adjusting to new dentures. Even so, roughly half of all denture wearers have these sore spots.

Dentures have various ways to cause sores. For example, they may not fit well and cut against the gums as a result. The devices could also put pressure on your gums’ nerves. Dentures may trap food between themselves and your gums as well, leading to inflammation.

Do These Sores Have Home Remedies?

Before getting professional help, managing denture sores yourself is best. Some effective home remedies for them include:

  • Topical Anesthetics – You could try a topical anesthetic to relieve pain caused by dentures. Those that contain benzocaine are especially good.
  • Pain Relievers – You can address your denture’s sores with store-bought pain relievers. These would reduce inflammation, pain, and discomfort.
  • Salt Water Rinses – By rinsing with salty water, you’ll soothe your sore gums. Practice these rinses 4-5 times daily until the gum tissue has healed.
  • Overnight Soaks – Put your dentures in a cleaning solution overnight. Your gums can rest that way, and you’ll wake up to cleaner, less irritating prosthetics.

When to See a Dentist for Help

You should see your local dentist if your denture sores persist for many days or weeks. With their knowledge and skills, they can fully treat your pained gums.

Dentists employ several methods to treat denture sores. The most common one is to reline your restoration to fit more securely, ensuring it won’t irritate your gums. There’s also the option of getting the dentures refitted. If the sores mainly stem from bacterial buildup, the dentist could also clean the prosthetics and your whole mouth.

When you know how to get rid of denture sores, your replacement teeth work all the better. Remember to use the tricks above and consider treatment from a dental provider.

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