Stuck on Your Smile: How to Easily Remove Your Clear Aligners

April 5, 2024

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A woman removing her clear aligner trays from her smile

As you may know, aligner trays are removable. They’re made to be taken off when you eat meals or clean your smile. However, what if you struggle to take them from your teeth? Are you just stuck with the aligners for the rest of your life? That’s not the case – there are ways to remove the trays more easily. Your Jersey City dentist will even share some of these tricks. So, here’s a primer on how to remove your clear aligners.

Start from the Back

At times, your trays may not budge if you pull them from the front. They could have a firm grip on a part of your smile, be slick from saliva, etc. It’s best to try a different method in such cases.

If possible, you could remove your trays from the back. Start by positioning your fingertip on the inside of your back molar. Next, pull the aligner away from your teeth. Once you repeat these steps on your mouth’s other side, move your fingertips toward the front. You can then lift the aligner over your teeth.

Try Towels or Gloves

Maybe the issue is that you lack a good grip on the aligners. Your mouth could be moist, making your fingers slip. On the other hand, perhaps you can’t exert the force to get the trays off.

If you need a better grip, grasp the aligner with paper towels or gloves. These objects would keep your fingers from slipping and absorb any moisture. From there, just pull on the trays with more strength. You should see a big difference in the results.

Warm Up Your Mouth

You likely didn’t know, but a cold mouth will make an aligner hard to remove. Low temperatures cause a tray’s plastic to lose flexibility. In doing so, they keep an aligner from getting loose for removal.

Naturally, one solution is to wait until your mouth is warmer to try removal again. You could even speed up this heating by opening your jaw for a few seconds. Afterward, make sure to grasp the trays with dry fingers.

Use an Aligner Hook

In fact, special tools exist just for clear aligners. These can range from mixtures and buttons to other items. Luckily, one such product would get your trays off your teeth.

The product in question is called an aligner hook. By hooking it under the edge of your tray, you can lift the appliance from the tooth. You’ll then have a solid grip from which to remove the aligners. To further ensure such results, you can try brands like Pull Tools and OrthoKeys – they’re readily available in stores.

You should now understand how to remove your clear aligners. Still, feel free to consult your dental provider about other tips and tricks.

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