Don’t Fear the Dentist

From WebMDBy Richard Sine John Gamba was 9 years old when a dentist failed to anesthetize a back molar properly and hit a nerve dead-on. The result was a lifelong fear of dentists that reached a peak in his 20s, when he stopped going to the dentist entirely. “I couldn’t even drive by a dentist’s

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Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

From Dental Town Have you ever asked why the Dental Association and your dental specialist prescribe you to visit regularly? This is on the grounds that consistent dental visits are vital for the support of sound teeth and gums. Furthermore, in the middle of those examinations, it’s vital that you work to keep your teeth

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How to Clean Your Tongue for Optimal Oral Health

From Ask the DentistBy Mark Burhenne DDS Q: Dr. B, how important is it to clean your tongue? I’ve seen tongue scrapers at the drugstore but am wondering if they really help.A: You might be under the impression that brushing your teeth and flossing them daily are the two most important things to achieve good

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The aging mouth – and how to keep it younger

From Harvard Health Publications Aging isn’t always pretty, and your mouth is no exception. Today, three-quarters of people over 65 retain at least some of their natural teeth, but older people still suffer higher rates of gum disease, dental decay, oral cancer, mouth infections, and tooth loss. While these problems are nothing to smile about,

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Still Not Flossing? More Reasons Why You Should

By Lisa ZamoskyFrom WebMD Magazine – Feature Reviewed by Alfred D. Wyatt Jr., DMD Every six months, you visit the dentist for a cleaning — and likely a lecture about the importance of flossing. But if you’re like many dental patients, the advice travels in one ear and out the other — much like, well,

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Bad Breath: 6 Causes (and 7 Solutions)

From Mouth Healthy Bad breath happens. If you’ve ever gotten that not-so-fresh feeling on a date, at a job interview or just talking with friends, you’re not alone. Studies show that 50 percent of adults have had bad breath, or halitosis, at some point in their lives. What Causes Bad Breath? There are a number

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Make Work-Life Balance Work for You

From  Dentaltownby Starla Fitch, MD Whether you’re a dentist, an oral surgeon or a hygienist, my guess is you could use a little more balance in your life. We all have 168 hours in a week. At first glance, it seems like we could squeeze in some fun, doesn’t it? I’m feeling your pain. It’s

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A Successful Dentist . . .

From ADEA Go Dental COMMON PERSONALITY TRAITS Dentistry is an unusual profession because while dentists are mostly focused on patient care, they also often own and run their own businesses. Many dentists have a diverse set of personality traits that allow them to work both closely with patients and be successful managers of their practices.

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What Is Good Oral Hygiene?

What Is Good Oral Hygiene?From Colgate Oral Care CenterWhat is Good Oral Hygiene? Good oral hygiene results in a mouth that looks and smells healthy. This means: Your teeth are clean and free of debrisGums are pink and do not hurt or bleed when you brush or flossBad breath is not a constant problemIf your

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